Launched a side project
Launched a music blog
Built a React App
I developed and launched Amhrán (the Irish word for "song"), a website that promoted one new Irish song every day.

I had just finished a workshop on front-end development and I wanted to put those new skills to practice. I felt like I wanted to make something really badly, but I was afraid of making something no one would use. I combated that by just... committing to an idea and getting to work. 

I built the website in a week using React using create-react-app and statically generated using Netlify. For the first time in a while, I decided I'd blog while developing the project, which was a really great way to reflect on the work I had done and the work I wanted to do. Those blog posts are here:

The website lasted about two months before I realised that discovering new music that I liked every day was really challenging. In those two months the site got a few thousands hits and decent enough engagement online. 

The code is public and available here: